Sponsors & Partnerships

As a professional skier the costs are very high. I spend a large part of the year in Austria to train and compete. I also travel a lot back and forth for international competitions. And finally, skiing requires a lot of equipment. I need at least 8 pairs of skis every season! Without my sponsors and partnerships none of this would be possible.

I am very happy with my sponsors, with whom I discuss my goals and vision and who support me in my professional route towards the international top. In return I help my sponsor by giving them on- and off line exposure, give presentations for their customers and employees, possibilities to use my logo and pictures for their promotion and of course I help them to boost their business. Please contact me for possibilities.

Main Sponsors

Yellow Hill Company

Yellow Hill provides executive interim management. Yellow hill has extensive experience in business analysis, (re) formulating strategy and simplifying complex issues; implementation of necessary changes, realizing growth and building new business models.


Leeuwerik is an importer, wholesaler and processor of structural and decorative sheet material. Their headquarters are located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. For Leeuwerik knowledge and advise are really important, that is why they have extensive knowledge of their products and their application. Their range is also huge, so chances are high that they have what you are looking for! Leeuwerik also uses a much as possible sustainable wood, to give something back to the environment.


Safesight ensures that employees, partners, volunteers and other parties involved know and implement plans and agreements. And if there is an emergency or crisis? Safesight enables organizations to act decisively, efficiently and safely. Safesight’s controlling system helps so secure the safety of the visitors and makes sure all the staff has the right information all the time.

Gear Sponsors


The Daka sports shops are amazing sports shops where you can find everything you need as a sporter. I consider them to have the best skiing department in the Benelux! For ski racers, Daka Racedepartment is the place to be in the Benelux. Renke de Boer, Head of Daka Racedepartment and former ski racer provides the best service and will make sure you get the perfect equipment you need to achieve your goals. But also for the recreational sporter they take all the time you need and provide you with professional advise!


Holmenkol is a specialist for surface coatings in sports and the oldest ski wax brand in the world. The company also stands for top performance in textile care - "Made in Germany". Holmenkol is commitment to sustainability: "We live outdoors, we love outdoors, we are outdoors," says Pupp. "Nature is our playground - that's why we have to protect it." Thanks to Holmenkol my skis are always as fast as possible.


VISOR products are handmade in Europe and work with Toray Dermizax and Thinsulate Insulation. These high-quality materials have been proven to be the best available for performance skiing. The VISOR brand stands for more than high-quality designer ski wear… it is a lifestyle, designed by VISOR! I am proud to wear the Visor skiwear!

Health & Food Sponsors


Clif Bar is an American sports nutrition brand. Their slogan “Make it good” describes exactly the way they work. Clif Bar tries to do something good for the planet and for the people. They make delicious sports nutrition in a climate neutral way and have tons of projects to help the environment and to help the people in need. On their website you can read about all the amazing stuff they do, so make sure you check it out and #makeitgood!


Fysiofabriek is a team of physiotherapists based in Utrecht, the Netherlands; a young and enthusiastic team of physios who do not only provide physiotherapy but also personal training, sports physiotherapy, manual therapy, dry needling and sport guidance. My experience with the physios from the Fysiofabriek is really good, they helped me to come back after a serious ankle injury and they have been my personal trainer and physio for the last years!

Other Sponsors

There are also several individuals and small companies that support me in my career and who – with financial support – help me to realize my dream.
Many thanks to:

Henk Donga
Jan en Angelique Smulders
Marianne van den Heuvel – Seelen
Renske Onland – Value9